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I'm going, will you come with me?

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I'm going, will you come with me?

Is this exciting or what?

Life isn't the boring grey hopeless existence we have been led to believe. And it doesn't have to be the war torn, strife ridden, seemingly mad existence that the 'powers that be' have continued to perpetuate since recorded history.

Egypt had its 'gods' that enslaved the majority of its population to build colossal monuments to themselves. Rome had better educated citizens, but the ruling powers there took up the 'god' status as well. Slowly the 'ignorant plebeians' - as the ruling class liked to keep the majority (ignorance helps when controlling large numbers) - became aware and began to think for themselves and ask questions, so the 'powers that be' couldn't be so overt. They changed with the times. Set up government structures that purported to be in the best interests of the people, but ultimately, if the people objected what happened to them? Look at history. Take any civilisation around the globe at any time and see for yourself.

And don't be fooled that much has changed. If the ruling class of any country is basing its policies on ego-centred thinking, then its one rule for the few (generally unknown) families who hold the reigns, and another for those lucky mortals who believe they're free.

When you've got a state leader who says "you're either with me or with the terrorists" and doesn't give a third option like, "or you may have your own opinion about all this and I'd love to hear from you" - I'd be concerned. Especially if that leader was making lightening quick changes to curb civil liberties, without so much as a referendum. And if the rest of the world's democratic countries' leaders didn't question any of this, one might wander what was going on.

Thank God for the Internet, I say. At least there aren't any restrictions on accessibility of information from that source.

But there is no need to get paranoid about the state of the world. Everything is being played out to perfection. Because this is the world of illusions. True reality lies in a place so beautiful that it makes you cry to behold it. I've seen it, many times and know that you would instantly lay down all of your fears if you would simply listen to the nameless loving being who calls us to...

Follow Me

My friends, I come to tell you what I have seen.

I have been to mountain tops glistening with pure diamond white snow, and sat with the Gods.

I have been taken to towers of gleaming ivory so tall that they disappear in the clouds, and communed with Kings.

I have flown on the wings of fiery stallions, dragons of the sky, and sung hymns with the angels.

And I have auspiciously been invited to dine at the table of the Lord for all of time.

And now I return here my friends, to extend this invitation to you. For even as you read these words, there are those Mighty Ones who beckon you with loving arms widely spread, waiting to welcome you to their hearts.

So put down your weary earth mantles and don your cloaks of burnished starlight. Take up your rods of gold and jewels and follow me.

For I return, even as I speak, to the Kingdom of the Supreme Lord at His invitation.

You are all awaited my friends. And the moment you take one step towards your heavenly destiny, angelic choruses will sing your praises from the highest peaks of creation.

And the moment you arrive at the table of the Creator will be a wondrous day of celebration for us all.

Copyright 1990 Aannsha Jones

The 5D world of Gods and Kings that I have seen is so different to the one we live in that when visited just once, it sets up a longing to return. And that longing will prompt a journey within that each of us must take if we are to escape the illusory world of control and suffering and return to our rightful position at the Table of the Creator.

Meditation is a great tool, as is any technique that helps you focus your mind inwardly and release the chattering, worrying, nagging, niggling of the conscious 'rational' ego-centred mind. As you delve deeper within yourself - through your dark shadow self, forgiving, accepting, incorporating - your weary earth mantle (tired spirit - tired from lifetimes of keeping the unwelcomed aspects of you suppressed) will fall away, leaving your real self - that of a bright, radiant being.

The beings in 5D do not seek to control or punish, they eagerly await the day each one of us makes the journey in consciousness so they can all celebrate our return Home.

So won't you follow me?

Kindest regards

PS I am happy for you to download this and pass it around - with my copyright at the bottom. However, these pieces are written with wording and phraseology specifically intended to assist the soul to transform from this third dimensional reality perception to fifth dimensional reality perception. It is therefore extremely important that the wording of this information is not changed in any way, as this would "dilute" its transformative and informative power.


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